Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1: Overview Of Internet Hacking


>> The terms hacker and hack are marked by contrasting positive and negative connotations.

Computer programmers often use the words hacking and hacker to express admiration for the work of a skilled software developer. They frown upon using hacking as a synonym for security cracking -- in distinct contrast to the larger world, in which the word hacker is typically used to describe someone who "hacks into" a system by evading or disabling security measures.

Thus In Fact HACKING is for good purpose and cracking for malicious purpose, but just for the sake of simplicty for general readers I will be using the word HACKING to denote intruding attempts.

So what do you think hacking can do to you?..ever wondered??, You might think that by hacking you'll lose just one internet account, who cares make another!!........but you are absolutely wrong!!!, If you lose out your account you can lose out your other internet accounts and subsquently personal information which includes your phone number, your address, your pin code, your ATM number, your bank account emails, etc, etc!!...you might think how can things like pin codes and phone number pose danger to you but ever remember that in some online registration process when you register you have to give things like these!

And for a normal person spilling of these information can be no less than nighmares. Your mobile numbers may be posted on some indecent sites, your communities may be taken over, your friends can be sent obscene messages from your accounts, you can be blamed by cyber police for doing such things which infact you would not be doing and eventually getting landed in jail!!...You would be thinking that I have overdone it but take into contrast that many people have not known a way out and commited suicide!

So keeping the suicide way out there is a way that is to keep precaution from such things to happen, I'll take you through all those steps but be sure you have understood all of them.