Friday, July 27, 2007

15: Add Only Known People


>> In Social Networking Places Such as ORKUT, YAHOO GROUPS, Etc. it is very easy for a stranger to witness your private information.

If He/She is in your friend-list than He/She can have access to your mobile phone number, etc which have been secret if He/She was not on your friend list. As told earlier these information leakages can prove much of a disaster for you!

So it is always a wise idea not to add strangers and thus add only those whom you know well. If someone sends you a friend request and you do not know him/her always revert back with a question like "Thanks for friend request, Do I know you?" as simple as that!!.

Also do note that sometimes profiles may be duped for that browse through profile of that person i.e. type of friends, communities, etc...