Thursday, July 26, 2007

14: keep seperate passwords for seperate accounts


>> Keep different passwords for different accounts so that even if you lose account information of any one account then your other accounts are safe!

Also never keep Passwords related to you, keep them as difficult to guess as possible, for example:-

-- If your phone number is 456789 don't keep your password as 456789,

-- If your birthdate is 01/02/2003 don't keep your password as 01022003,

-- If your name is xyz don't keep your password as xyz

-- If your nickname is crazyfrog don't keep your password as crazyfrog

-- Never ever keep your password on account numbers

-- Never write down your passwords or tell anyone

Rather to keep your passwords difficult for others to guess and yet easy to remember think up of a statement: say "My Teacher Is The Worst I Could Get!!"

Now Form the password by taking the 1st alphabet of each word:









MTITWICG---Simple yet powerfull!!!